9 May 2015


.: sweater, mums | skirt, romwe | backpack, asos | booties, lipstik :.

Hey everyone!!! Wow, it's really been a while. I have been studying for my exams for the past 2 weeks and I am so glad to be back on social media. And while I was gone.. I chopped all my hair off! It's such a nice feeling having shorter hair, and it feels much more healthier too!
Anyway, this is a school-esque outfit and honestly haven't worn a V-neck in like, forever. I usually wouldnt opt for it, but I really like how this sweater goes with this outfit. And after a really really long bag hunt (I am really picky with buying bags because I rarely find ones I like) I FOUND THIS ON ASOS. I love structured bags because it feels really good when you can just pack everything in tightly, almost like tetris. This one also is a good balance of shine, it's like an in between of patent and matte which I love.

I hope you all have a fabulous week! 
Ciao for now,
- S x

(P.S. The song title is a song by San Cisco, it's been stuck in my head all week, and honestly the winter right now in Sydney HAS been bitter, and bipolar. Tragic.)

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15 Apr 2015


.: hat, rubi | shirt, vintage | skirt, romwe | sandals, rubi :. 

Ello everyone!
So I found this vintage Sportsgirl blouse (which used to be my mums) while rummaging through the clothing closets the other day! I've always been into the whole polka dot trend from the 50s, and now it has really become a timeless one.
School's around the corner and I find myself feeling an underlying anxiety and dread everyday *weeps* Half yearlies are in 2.5 weeks and finding the motivation to study in the holidays is VERY HARD. I just can't wait till the exams are over so I can get some peace of mind. I guess that can explain my erratic posting schedule, sorry guys! *sad face* Creative drive has been quite low for a while now but I'm trying my best with balancing everything, so bear with me! ^_^
Apologies also for the down post, keeping the life talk real.

OH. And also, if any of you have any blogpost recommendations that would be lovely too! I want to know what you guys want to see me style or any ideas for other posts would be great too!
HMU on ask.fm or my tumblr, thank youuu!

I hope you all have a really good week!
Stay well and keep smiling,

S x
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2 Apr 2015


.: dress, princess polly :. 

Hey everyone! Feels like I've been MIA for like a year even though it's been 3 weeks. Guess this happens when you don't post on social media for a while.
One of my all-time loves is lace. I think it's something that I've loved consistently throughout the years without fail.. there's something so special and elegant about delicate/expensive lace and I honestly can't wait till I earn money so I can buy more of it.

This post was named a character from a book that I've just finished: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. It was such a creepy read but I really liked the whole story and I think it's worth checking up if you love mystery/crime/thriller! I've been really into murder stories lately, from the TV show How To Get Away with Murder to The Secret History (book) by Donna Tartt, to this book. They're just so interesting and I guess it makes you re-evaluate the common concept of good and bad characters, because honestly there is the finest line between the both in these stories.

Anyway, I hope you all have the loveliest Easter/long weekend!
New post coming up very soon ^_^

Ciao for now,
- S x

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