25 Oct 2014


.: playsuit, made by my amazing friend anna!!!! ♥ | sandals, rubi :.

Hello everyone! MY EXAMS ARE OVER. I am so darn happy about this. End of exams came with a belated birthday celebration from my friend Anna who MADE me this lovely playsuit; isn't it amazing?! 
November is going to pass by so quickly; my month is packed with exciting year 10 formals, work experience (lunch breaks in Newtown everyday, heaven right?), 5 days out of Sydney and a picnic tomorrow! Whew. It's already hectic thinking about it! 

Anyway, I hope you are all resting well and smiling all the timeeee,
Ciao for now!
- S x 

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16 Oct 2014


.: shirt, runway bandits | skirt, eBay | booties, lipstik :.

Hey everyone!
It's been really hectic in the past few weeks, I've been out on multiple escapades during my school holiday and just last week I TURNED SIXTEEN. It hasn't really hit me yet because right this week I've been bombarded with a whole bunch of yearly exams!! 3 down, 5 to go. I have never been more unmotivated in my life. Wow, actually a lot has been going on; I think I will make a quick photo diary of all that's happened very soooon.
ANYWAY, HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN? Have you enjoyed the school holidays/the first 2 weeks of school?
Hope you're all well!

Ciao for now,
- S x
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25 Sep 2014


.: sweater, american apparel (via glebe market) | jeans, topshop | booties, lipstik :.

Hey everyone! 

I found these photos within some neglected folder on my computer and on second glance I decided that I'd post them, so here they are! Anyway, I LOVE MARKET FINDS. LIKE ACTUALLY. I scored this American Apparel sweater in the post for $15!! 
I've have been getting quite a few questions about where I go thrifting and stuff like that over on my ask.fm  and I really recommend going to Glebe markets for anyone else who was wondering! And to you non-Sydneysiders, going to markets in trendy suburbs is probably the equivalent of this. People who have clothing stalls there are usually young adults who have a pretty good clothing taste and sell their preloved (or even new) clothes for reasonable prices! 
I personally think it's a great way to get clothing since the pieces I've gotten from the markets have been things I wear quite regularly.

Holidays have kicked in but the time is going by so fast! The first week is almost over and I am crying figuratively at how unproductive I have been ha. Today I got my mind off things with a trip to karaoke with my primary school group (love you guys lots and it was so great hanging out again! ^_^) and have procrastinated writing this blog post all night oops. 

I hope you all have a good weekend!
Stay well and keep smiling,
- S x

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