14 Apr 2014


.: jacket + shirt, mum's (^_^) | skirt, eBay | booties, lipstik (via dotti) | iPhone sticker, society6 :. 

Hey guys! 
So, don't you just love the feeling you get when you find something that is an absolute gem from your parents' closet?
Well I do, and I found this rad violet jacket from my mum's and I love everything about it, especially the colour, which happens to be my favourite. 

Holidays have been awesome. I finished my essay over the weekend and Monday + Tuesday have been a blast. They have been a mixture of amazing cafe food, blasting music aloud and singing along while taking outfit photos, catching up with old pals, 3 hour long skype calls and a bunch of exhaustion (it was so so worth it though, obviously)! Next week is going to be even busier and wow, school is creeping up so fast! 

Today's post title contains lyrics from the song Weightless by All Time Low. I adore that song and it happens to be the song that perfectly describes my life, like actually. It has gotten me through some really rotten days and it's definitely a feel-good song that you guys should check out! 
Anyway, I hope you all have a magnificent week,
Stay well and keep smiling :) 
- S x 
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13 Apr 2014


.: sweater, valleygirl | skirt, paper scissors | boots, lipstik :.

My hair is so untamed in these photos, and maybe that isn't the best way to showcase a new haircut but nevertheless, shorter hair y'all! Pretty much just a trim but I feel like I am missing my longer hair already (not missing the feeling of dead ends though.) 
Sweater weather came around faster than I thought it would, with rain and cloudiness practically everyday. I'm not complaining about the fact that I can wear sweaters, like, all the time though, especially this one I bought from valleygirl recently. It's a versatile colour and it's just simple, and I just love it.
Battling the rainy days have also been made better with this umbrella, and yes, it's a freaking sky with clouds on the inside; I never knew promotional umbrellas could be this rad.

Anyway, it's finally holidays! It still hasn't hit me yet, still having to hand in an essay tonight, eek! I better go and complete it. I hope you all have a lovely week though!

Ciao for now,
S x
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27 Mar 2014


.: plaid skort, paper heart | creepers, eBay :. 
wearing: manic panic lipstick in the shade raven

HELLO! Sorry for the absence, but school work has been a total pain in the a** and that's basically it. 

I am really glad about these skorts. I must say I have been looking on every single online store to find the perfect tartan print and, nothing. After like weeks of searching, I found these skorts when I was least expecting it in a small store in Market City. It was even on the sale rack and it was $15! Much to my dismay the red tartan was two sizes too big or else I would've bought that one too!! I am so in love with these though.

I finally chopped of a bunch of my hair, it was getting to the point where my ends were dead no matter if I shampoo'ed and conditioned or even added argan oil to my hair; getting a cut has freaking revitalised it and now I find myself subconsciously running my fingers through my hair because it feels so damn healthy.
Also, with the new snip came with a new hairstyle that I love at the moment! I feel like it's one of those hairstyles that I'd be iffy about wearing out, mainly because I never go along with fancy hairstyles for more than one wear, but I hope it'll be different this time. 

I had so much fun with this shoot! It all started with a walk in the direction of the Sydney Fish Markets and then stopping at the car parking area being all like, "I really need to sit or lie down right here" spontaneously and then coming across a parked truck later on and applying the same spontaneity from the aforementioned situation. I am really happy about these. 

(this is such a loaded post, I had a lot to say)

I hope you all have a lovely week and weekend! 
Ciao for now,
- S x

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